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this face. >> you might see me every once in a while. >> and i'm diana perez. from chicago to washington, d.c., millions of americans are on storm watch this morning. get the very latest from accuweather in a moment. >>> also this morning, tough talk from the u.s. to iran. from the vice president to the secretary of state. the message to iran is the same, stop the nuclear plans or else. >> now also this morning, crime fighting thanks to a caped crusader, how batman helped cops for real. check him out. we'll go in search of his true identity. >> i love vigilantes. >> his physique isn't exactly the movie star physique. >> that's okay. he got the bad guy. >>> and the movie sequel that's getting a whole bunch of buzz. "anchor man 2" reunites rob burgundy and the cast that's keeping san diego classy. now a top hollywood actor has plans to join that wacky crew. details coming up in "the skinny." >> cannon ball. should be a good one. >>> we're going to begin with the latest arctic blast leaving state after state covered in white snow. it's coming down in the upper midwest. it's taking aim at the m
there. bracing for the worst, the snow. >> this is terrible. i'm diana perez. parts of new england can expect this dangerous blast in the next couple of hours. also in new england, the teenage skier who was missing for two nights was found, safe and sound. his story of survival, who found him and oh, by the way, who he -- what he wanted to eat. >> wait till you hear where he learned his survival skills. >>> later this morning, an ingredient found in a discount store gift that can help you lose weight. >> we're eating our chia pets now. >>> and a serious decision for comedy central's jon stewart. he's leaving the "daily show" but only for 12 weeks. we'll explain why he'll be absent from his successful program for so long. all that coming up in "the skinny." >>> let's begin with that deadly snowstorm turning roads across the midwest into very treacherous messes, leaving travel plans up in the air. >> more than 1,000 flights have been canceled today as airport crews struggle to clear runways. warnings are posted right now from illinois to virginia to d.c. we begin our coverage with abc's
muller and diana perez. >> i love the way that guy says our names. >> oh, yeah. >> oh, yeah. >> they make a lot of money. i need to start announcing. >> i know, right? >> i can do that from home. >> a good way to go. >> if you are watching, but you are not because you are sleeping guy who announces for us, i want your job. >> me too. good morning, everybody. let's talk about supreme court justices. they led an eight-minute -- excuse me. 80-minute discussion over gay marriage rights. we'll find out which way the discussion might go today. >>> also this morning, the baby forgotten at the subway turn-style. police and bystanders take action after the child was left behind. find out what distracted the baby's mother and the baby's grandmother and why they're not going to be charged. >>> a headline we have been following all week. the new jersey man who came to this country and eventually became a millionaire. the latest powerball jackpot winner. we'll introduce you to him and tell you what is next for the newly very wealthy man. >>> later on, what heartbreak. i don't want to tell you, we alre
, this is "world news now" with john muller and diana perez. >> hey, wow. >> who? >> they said our names. >> let's hear that again. >> cue that up again. ♪ >> "world news now." >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now" with john muller and diana perez. >> sounds nice, right. >> that's you. >> let's do it. >> that's you, me, us. welcoming a familiar face to our anchor desk. here this morning. of course, a face that you recognize. john muller, congratulations. welcome to the team. >> a thrill to be here. i have filled in dozens of times. hopefully a few of you know me. out there. like i said all morning long, i have always been a fan of the show. i always really watched it because i used to do another show cross town locally. i would look up from the makeup chair and be like those poor guys are already up and doing it. what i am about to do. i thought i was the only one up at the hour. i'm a night owl. and i have always loved the show. tradition of people sitting in the chairs is just staggering. humbling to take over for such talented people. >> how is the sleep schedule coming alon
news, this is "world news now." >> good morning, everyone. i'm marci gonzalez in for diana perez. >> you got this "world news now" thing going? you got it? you getting the swing of things? >> yeah, i got it. >> i'm john muller. the unusual twist in the italian justice system for amanda knox. that's our top story. and then -- >>> what a mess for travelers in one third of the country. busy travel week begins. a foot and a half of snow fell on missouri and big cities in the northeast. we're going to get hit later today. the latest from accuweather. in just a bit. >>> also this morning, a dangerous turn for a honeymoon couple who decided to get a little too close and personal with a great white shark. the pictures taken underwater will make you wonder about this couple's decision for a honeymoon adventure. >> i think it is a bad omen. i really -- i don't know about that one. when you thought lindsay lohan was running out of good luck. wait till you hear about her movie released over the weekend called "inappropriate comedy." hit a milestone not the milestone you want to hit. details
abc news, this is "world news now." >> good friday morning, everybody. i'm diana perez. >> i'm john muller in for rob nelson. march 1. turn on the heater, man. >> when is it going to get here? >> bring out the flowers. >> come on, winter, it's time for you to go. >> we're almost there. >> we're going to get some roman catholic insight into the process of picking a new pope. >>> also this morning, an infant found abandoned in a suburban houston area, left in a plastic bag. found out about the unprecedented search for the parents. it's using a remarkable technique that we'll tell you about. >> this is something you really want to see. every once in a while, you find a story where there's a child who has gone missing, and you want to know what the child looks like now. this is a totally different take on that. i am mesmerized by this story. >>> while the supreme court takes up a divisive issue in a few weeks. see who just joined the president urging the justices to legalize same-sex marriage. even die-hard republicans are joining this fight. >> some die-hard republicans. >>> and do you
, everybody. i'm rob nelson. >> and i'm diana perez. welcome back. >> thank you. >> had a good little stretch of a vacation there. >> i did, eight, nine days in new orleans. i'm even a little hoarse this morning. we were hooting and hollering down there. eat, drink and be merry. i love that town. >> happy to have you back. >>> over the weekend, we got a fascinating picture of the cardinal's different styles as they met with parishioners around rome. >>> first, a look at other stories we're following for you this morning. >>> a tense first meeting between the u.s. new defense secretary and afghanistan's leader. we'll tell you about the harsh and bizarre allegations leveled by hamid karzai against the u.s. and how the u.s. is responding. >>> and also this half hour, a miraculous miss. a plane crashes right into a home, nearly hitting a young man who was playing video games in his bedroom, and that made the difference between life and death. >>> plus this morning, a champion again. he's nearly 50 years old, but a legendary boxer took to the ring one more time to prove that age is just a number.
. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >>> good morning to you, i'm diana perez. >> i'm rob nelson. all eyes of course will be on the vatican starting in just a few hours. looking for that tell-tale, white smoke. that will be the signal that a new pope has in fact been chosen. >> we'll have much more on the start of the papal conclave and how the process is expected to work. we'll look at some of the challenges the new pope will face from the sex abuse scandal to the state of the vatican finances. the new pope will have a heavy workload. >>> while we're on the theme of religion, a look at a blockbuster miniseries on the history channel, of all things. there's a reason it's called the greatest story ever told. how the stories of the bible are capturing the imagination of a whole new generation. >> we have a super-duper epic "the skinny" this morning. lots of entertainment news, the big "bachelor" finale was last night. we will tell you who won. and also this half hour, my colleague has a major announcement to share with you. >> yes, i will be the next bachelor. >> you are goi
morning. i'm diana perez. >> and i'm rob nelson. day one of the conclave ended with a plume of black smoke. signaling to the world that the cardinals failed to elect a pope. >> it was only their first try. the cardinals are getting an early start today and the world will be watching. we will have the latest on the conclave in a moment. first a look at the other stories we are following this half-hour -- >> president obama's charm offensive continues with a reach across the aisle. he is about to meet with republicans to try to hammer out a deal on the budget. in an exclusive interview he revealed to abc news just how he plans to get that done. >> he really is charming. >> he is trying. >> his strut has changed in the second -- he is like, what, i am the man. >> he has a lot on his plate to get done. let's hope. >> his charm offensive. i like that. i like the fact that he is bringing it out. we knew he had it. and a little too stiff for me. the first time around. >> charm the easy part. governance the hard part. let's get something done, mr. president. >> let's not even get into that part. >
morning, i'm diana perez. >> i'm rob nelson. happy friday, everybody. we will have more on wall street's winning week and our other top stories coming up in just a second. >> first, a bittersweet day here at "world news now." it is rob's last day which makes all of us really, really sad. but we are having a party. and that makes us really, really happy. our chief entertainment officer tim is mixing the cocktails and whipping up serious snacks over there. timmy, thank you. >> yes! >> love to do it. a special robarita coming up. >> my friend, tim lehr, left a cruise working early to get here and do this. tim, i am forever grateful. >> i wouldn't miss this for the world. you are good people. so is willis. he came out of retirement for the tenth time to come here and be at the bar. sunny hostin, one of my loves. absolutely fantastic. yes, cannot wait to have the robarita coming up. a little side note, guess what? i will share this quick. the first suit and tie that i wore on this show july 12th, 2010. and i wore it again tonight because my, my, my thought on life is no matter where you end
: from abc news, this is "world news now" with john muller and diana perez. >> good morning. we are going to explain the risks in military training exercises and the accidents that can happen in our top story. >> another big headline this morning, protesters fed up with their government's plans to take money out of their bank accounts cover the country's budget mess. the protesters won this time. but the financial crisis in cyprus far from over. >>> then to an eye-opener -- a medical headline. genetic medicines, generic medicines including eye drops and pills can save you money. but what you don't know about generics that can harm you. get your facts before the trip to the pharmacy. >>> saving time and preventing hassle during your commute. gadgets for the car designed to keep you connected, comfortable and safe, our giz whiz is going to show up and tell us about this coming up in a little bit. >> really interesting stuff he has got in store for us. >>> but first, the seven marines were remembered last night in nevada not far from where they were killed. >> mili
and diana perez. >>> good thursday morning. that murder taking place during a sensitive time in colorado. we'll explain why. that's our top story. >>> also this morning, protecting student from gun violence with something simple and cheap. one state wants to make a $30 addition to every classroom to avoid another newtown massacre. >> as we learn about what may be the most caffeinated coffee in the entire world there are warnings about a caffeinated beverage sold in cans. why one woman is on a crusade against energy drinks. >> get your prop. diana, later this half-hour we have our brackets filled out. do you have yours? huh? huh? the ncaa tournament starts today. we will tell you about the games that are a must-see tv. >> that's right. first we do have to got to this -- >> the fatal shooting that brought tears to a governor's eyes, who killed the head of colorado's prison system. >> someone rang the prison chief's doorbell, opened fire and killed him on the spot. as the search continues for the murderer, security is beefed up all around the state. here is abc's clayton sandel. >> reporter: in
" with john muller and diana perez. >> get one up top. >> happy friday. yes. >> we are happy about that. let's get to it. good morning, everybody. president turning his attention to the arab ally today. the latest in a live report from jerusalem. that is shortly. >>> another major story that we are following, the police pursuit and high-stakes shootout that may have ended the manhunt for the gunman wanted in the killing of a colorado prison chief. there are startling new reports about the possible suspect out this morning. >>> also ahead, he looked like an airline pilot and boarded an airplane flight. police say he was a fake. the big trouble this guy is facing. sounds a lot like the movie "catch me if you can." >>> the real-life drama for superstar rihanna, why she did not feel safe even in her own home. coming up in "the skinny." >> the president wraps up his middle east trip later today. meeting with king abdulla of jordan. >> yesterday he took his case for peace to israel's young people. abc's alex marquardt is joining us from jerusalem. alex, good morning. the president is spending time
morning, everybody. i'm john muller. >> i'm marci gonzalez in for diana perez. >> great to have you here. >> thank you. >> did you get any sleep at all? >> sleep? overrated. >> you will fit right in. welcome, illustrious people have sat in that seat. following in their footsteps. >> a great honor. >> diana was off today. have a long extended weekend. let's have some fun. >> let's do it. first this isn't fun. the storm hitting the busy northeast corridor during the morning and afternoon commutes. bad news. details coming up from accuweather. >>> then to california, an amazing story of survival. a car crashes in a mountainous area full of coyotes and a 9-year-old managed to go to great lengths to try to get help. >> an incredible story. >>> another headline, an italian court takes up the amanda knox murder case. she was convicted then acquitted for killing her roommate. now prosecutors want her in prison in italy. get new insight on this case on this critical day. >>> among pet lovers, there are the cat people and the dog people. >> what are you? >> neutral on this one. >> a dog person. >>
now" with john muller and diana perez. >>> tuesday, for most of us. monday for you. did you have a nice three-day weekend? >> i did. i had a good time. we had date night, which hasn't happened in a long time. >> date night for the new mom. that's always a strange thing. did you talk about the kid the whole time? >> yes. >> you're on date night but going, oh, he's so cute. >> sharing pictures with people next to us who were not interested. >> out on date night, sipping martinis talking about the kid. let's get to it. >>> good morning. i'm john muller. the court will hear arguments. people have been lining up to witness what could become a landmark case in our country's history. >> a very big day for the issue of gay rights. we'll have more in just a moment. >>> first, it could also be a big day for amanda knox. in just a few hours the italian supreme court could announce whether she will go back to prison for the murder of her roommate. it's a crime she's already been convicted and acquitted of. >>> also this half hour, you wouldn't know it by all the snow, spring is here. with it
now" with john muller and diana perez. >>> good morning, everyone. we will get you up to date on north korea's threats and what the u.s. is doing with the stealth bombers not far from the north korean border. >>> also this morning, what a bombshell in the investigation into an explosion in indianapolis. the fatal blast leveled several homes last summer and turned into a murder case. well, now the key suspect is facing a serious charge this time from behind bars. >> the restaurant scandal that heated up social media. the l.a. restaurant operator who sent some nasty tweets about customers who failed to show up for their reservations. we are getting a much-needed explanation on this one. >>> later on what was going on in justin bieber's exclusive southern california neighborhood before police were called a few nights ago. a case of neighbor vs. neighbor and now an eyewitness is stepping forward. that's coming up in "the skinny." >>> let's get to it, north korea's promise to "settle accounts" with the united states this morning after american stealth bombers flew close to its borders. >> t
." >> happy monday. day one. are you ready? >> i'm ready. let's do it. good morning, everyone. i'm diana perez. it is a big mountain. >> i'm john muller in for rob nelson. we'll explain all the distractions the roman catholic cardinals may be facing this morning. that is our top story. >>> and doctors in mississippi may have discovered a cure for aids without trying. >> this is one of those stories that will make national headlines and we'll be hearing about this for a long time. especially if this mistake turns out to be a cure. >>> then to london where for the first time in a decade the queen is in the hospital. why doctors are taking no chances, each though the queen is expected to make a full recovery. >>> and the woman who butt dialed 911 with her cell phone and thought she disconnected but didn't. what landed her in police custody. >> they call them dumb criminals for a reason. >>> they're getting down to business this morning at the vatican. >> they're taking their first steps today towards the conclave that will choose the next pope. before the voting starts, there are scandals to addr
family. tina brown is here to talk to us about it. but first, diana perez has the latest. >> reporter: new pictures just released show will and kate are not slowing down. even with a little one on the way. kate hitting the slopes on her own, while her husband and brother-in-law skied nearby. the royal couple, along with prince harry, traveled to switzerland, where prince william was an usher at the wedding of a close friend. polo star mark tomlinson. will looked dashing in his tail coat. it was the expectant duchess kate who wowed the world. with her gorge gorgeous pale coat with a fur-lined trim. it was her five-inch brown suede heels that had everyone talking. >> whatever she wears sells out immediately. we'll continue to see her dress in the way she always has done, conservatively but elegantly. >> reporter: they decided to make a minivacation out of the swiss trip. enjoying a stay at an upscale resort. hitting the slopes, the royal mom to be could be seen carrying a sled. >> she was not seen sledding. i highly doubt she was actually sledding. i think really she was just mucking in
right on to "the bachelor." >> interesting. >> all kinds of drama. diana perez has some of the behind the scenes information. from one of the bachelorettes. plus, a sneak peek at monday's final show. >> reporter: walks on the beach. candle-lit dinners. this season of "the bachelor" has been full of romance. on monday night's "the women tell all" special, let's just say -- >> oh, it just got quiet out here. >> reporter: there was no love lost. >> you gotta hide your crazy. >> you lied to my face. >> you're delusional. >> reporter: at first, it was nearly every woman against this self-proclaimed villain, tierra. >> i don't go, oh, stink eye, and walk by. >> reporter: who revealed she's engaged. >> how long ago did you get engaged? >> no comment. >> what do you mean? is that a secret? >> i got engaged in january. >> reporter: perhaps the biggest bomb shell of the night. ashlee claiming sean lowe acted like a frat boy. saying he didn't love either of the remaining two women. >> why did you say you had absolutely no feelings for them? >> i didn't and wouldn't say that. >> reporter: we caug
bounced back. abc's diana perez has her story. >> your makeup has not moved. >> reporter: wipeout host, wife to singer nikola shea. and recent mom. >> oh, there's mama. >> reporter: said she couldn't wait to hold her baby in her arms. two weeks after camden was born, she felt the overwhelming and debilitating baby blues. she says she feels guilty using the term. i think it's just fear. i felt lost, unloved, alone, and at my wits end. i felt like no one understood me. there's no way to describe what happened. i started crying. i was feeding camden and crying my eyes out. i felt like i had officially come undone. i didn't feel like myself. where was the superwoman who always thought and knew she could do it all? she was gone, and i thought, forever. >> she's very frank that she didn't have the natural mother instinct. how she started crying and had to give the baby to nick and late rally take break. >> reporter: she's not the first sent to admit to falling victim to post partum baby blues. alanis morissette told lara last fall about having her own son. >> it was an intense time. if i cou
. what went wrong and how are they both coping? right now, abc's diana perez has the story. >> reporter: it's the rebound photo of julianne hough that is bound to make ryan seacrest a little jealous. the "dancing with the stars" alum tweeted this picture of herself frolicking on the beach on saturday. with the hashtag, friends are the best therapy. her photo appears to be the first public acknowledgment that the dating duo have called it split after nearly two years together. >> it could come as a surprise to some, considering we have seen them in paris, in st. bart's, and having all these romantic getaways together. >> reporter: on friday, she was seen somberly heading into a beverly hills hair salon on her own. a far cry from the days they were holding hands on the red carpet. just two months ago -- seacrest gushed about hough to chelsea handler. >> she's phenomenal. she's the best part of every day. >> reporter: and in may, they pretended to get engaged live on "american idol." >> will you give this note i wrote to tom cruise? >> reporter: their careers reportedly made them less than
a baby and turns out vergara may be ready for another baby if real life and diana perez has all the details. >> get out! >> reporter: on tv, sofia vergara became a new mom on "modern family" and it look like life may imitate art. >> i'm pregnant. >> you're going to get fat. >> reporter: in an interview with "vogue" she said he and her fiance want kids and are taking all the necessary steps to make sure it happens. they're freezing my eggs, she told the magazine. they want to get as many eggs as they can because usually you produce them but they're not good. they have to be perfect. >> sofia! >> reporter: vergara told "vogue" she's in the beginning of the process. taking hormone pills and watching what she eats. >> the number of eggs a woman produces rapidly declines after the age of about 35 and then drops again after 40, there just are not that many eggs left by that point. >> reporter: and she is far from the first. experts say more and more women are choosing to freeze their eggs later in life. >> it's no longer that unique for a woman over the age of 40 to get pregnant with
-the-scenes bombshelby filing for divorce. i know. abc's diana perez has the details. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: kordell loves to dress me. i'm his barbie doll. >> reporter: the quintessential george peach and he's a gridiron great. former pittsburgh steelers quarterback. but together portia and kordell stewart were one of hotlanta's hottest couples until their love seemed to go cold with nearly 4 million viewers watching. >> i'm disgusted. why can't you act right? >> the tension played out between kordell and portia. her wanting to maintain a career and kordell maintaining she should either be a mother or choose a career but not both. >> not trying to sound like your daddy. >> reporter: even fellow castmates noticed trouble in paradise. >> i guess papa kordell didn't sign her permission slip to go on a field trip. >> reporter: now stewart is filing for divorce calling his nearly two-year marriage irretrievably broken and the man nicknamed slash during his football days is slashing spousal support calling her an able-bodied person capable of supporting herself. >> from the filing it appears as if they h
news now." >> and good monday morning. i'm diana perez. >> and i'm rob nelson. good to be back, everybody, in the saddle. >> you took a long time off. >> yeah, i needed a little decompression, little detachment time down in the big easy. >> have a good time? >> yes. lost by voice. >> and your liver. >> but i got back. a few hours ago. it's new orleans. what happens stays in new orleans -- yeah, right. >>> we're almost halfway through march, but it certainly does not seem that way in the midwest. we'll have the latest on this latest round of severe weather coming up in just a moment. but first, a look at some other stories we're following for you this monday. >>> a surprise statement from the queen of england. hers is a monarchy that rarely wigs in on politics. but today expect a royal endorsement of equality. what her majesty's new charter could say about same-sex rights in new britain. >>> it's a world all around us, which we know little about. we'll have a rare look at some of the ocean's little known species and discover why their survival is important to ours. >>> and in "t
right, good morning. i'm diana perez. >> and i'm john muller. this is my first official day as your new co-anchor here at "world news now." please don't throw tomatoes. i know i have big shoes to fill. make a little room for me in your heart. we'll win you over. thrilled to be here. >> a big welcome. so glad you are here with us. a familiar face for "world news now" you have filled in -- give us a rough estimate. >> dozens of times. weeks at a time. i have loved the show. i was a local anchor. being in the makeup seat at 4:00 in the morning, getting ready to do the show, always had "world news now" on. and they were the only people in town who were up earlier than us. and we really fell in love with the show. >> that's right. >> now i am on the show. the tradition on the show, the great people that have come through, rob, david muir, juju chang, anderson cooper. go on for hours. a thrill to be here. >> we have to give you your chops, a long-time anchorman. you know what you are doing. how long have you been doing this? >> a couple decades. yes, i was all over the country, georgia, flori
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, this is "world news now." >>> good thursday morning. i'm diana perez. >> and i'm john muller in for rob nelson. we're going to take you to california for our top story as wildlife experts try to sort out that deadly attack. at the lion sanctuary. >>> also this morning, icy, snowy, dangerous weather here on the east coast. that's why the northeast is bracing for yet another round of misery in addition to the one we just got. >>> and then to our top medical headline and the vicious form of bacteria that can be deadly. what hospitals are doing to protect patients and staff from a terrible germ that's next to impossible to fight. >>> and later this half hour, the actress who won america's hearts by playing" rhoda," now she faces real heartache in real life. valerie harper's diagnosis and why it comes as such a surprise. >>> new details in that deadly lion attack at a california animal sanctuary. we've just learned that the victim is 26-year-old diana hanson. she had moved from seattle to intern at that park. >> she worked there only two months before yesterday's fatal mauling. abc's brandi hitt in
, everybody. i'm rob nelson. >> i'm diana perez. pope francis is a cardinal whose name was rarely mentioned when speculating on who might lead the church's more than 1 billion catholics. >> this morning we are learning more about who this man is, how he has already made history and what the world might expect from this simple son of a railway worker. certainly lots of questions about what the next few months could bring, very, very interesting period now. no papal election was ever like this one exactly what began with the resignation of pope benedict ended with the elevation of a man from south america. just the second pope in history that is not european. >> saint peter's square was empty this morning but packed with the faithful yesterday when his name was revealed. and abc's terry moran was there and saw it all. >> reporter: and as that smoke rose and billowed into the night air, st. peter's square erupted. it was a moment of pure joy for them, a profound prayer of the chance to witness history. soon the square was packed with more than 100,000 rain-soaked people, their eyes turned upwa
news, this is "world news now" with john muller and diana perez. >>> good morning, everyone. we'll get to all that uncertainty outside of seattle after that huge landslide in our top story. >> another major headline, today, what's next for the battle for same-sex marriage rights after a new york senior citizen made her case before the supreme court. find out who is praising this 83-year-old and if her case has a chance. >>> also this morning, jaw-dropping pictures from central ohio, where a firefighter's life was on the line along a busy highway. see what happened when a truck plowed into a group of first responders. >> later on, the anger expressed by a tv star, john hamm of "madmen" responds to the huge response behind the scenes and claims that are sparking quite the outrage, according to him. hear why he is so upset in "the skinny." >>> first, the unstable, uncertain situation on whidbey island, washington, about 50 miles north of seattle. the fear is a landslide could happen this morning at any moment. >> geologists have no idea what caused the slide. that has plenty of people ner
'm diana perez. that accident sent shockwaves through a close knit new york community. we'll get the latest in just a moment. >>> also this morning, the sadness and disbelief in a florida neighborhood where a sinkhole opened up in a man's bedroom killing him. demolition crews are busy there. with new safety precautions going up today. >>> then to the unlikely international political pair. dennis rodman discusses his meeting with north korea's new leader. he brought home a mesage for the obama administration. >>> it's been a challenge keeping up with all the changes on the late night talk show circuit. we'll bring you the scoop in "the skinny." >>> new details from that heartbreaking accident that killed two expectant parents. >> their baby boy is in the hospital expected to survive and police are searching for that hit and run driver. here is lucy yang. >> reporter: what should have been the most joyous of times turned into the most tragic of times. these are the coffins for nathan and his wife. both were 21 and about to become first-time parents. >> just two amazing people, two lovely peop
conservatively at about $300,000. it comes in at a mere $3,000. here's abc's diana perez. >> reporter: it's the perfect ride for bond. baby bond, that is. the luxury carmaker, aston martin, is gearing up to give newborns a taste of the 007 lifestyle, this exclusive stroller. the new ride is fully loaded with aluminum alloy wheels and air ride suspension. features usually found on a luxury sedan. >> the handlebar is made with fine, italian leather. it's the same leather used on the aston martin steering wheel. >> reporter: aston martin and other brands appear to be cashing in on a recent celebrity baby boom. luxury brands are offering stars everything, from designer baby duds to diamond-encrusted infant tubs, like the one given to beyonce's daughter. as for aston martin, it says it will only make 800 of the high-roller strollers. the price, a cool $3,000. >> this is outrageous. there's no reason to have a stroller that costs that much money. >> reporter: still, aston martin is hoping some moms will think this bond-esque ride is worth the price, to keep their napping 007s from being shaken
and whether a career change could be in the works. all of that from abc's diana perez. >> the beauty tips i will pass on to my daughter is to find happiness in everything. >> reporter: famous actress katie holmes shows off her bronzed skin in a sultry photo shoot for the april issue of "allure" magazine and opens up about the past year. >> katie actually had a great attitude about everything that's happened and she was absolutely hilarious and so friendly on the shoot, cracking a lot of jokes and really getting along with everyone so well. >> reporter: while the 34-year-old doesn't talk about her split from tom cruise with whom she has 6-year-old daughter suri but does talk about expanding her family saying "i don't know. i'm open to it." in addition to her acting career the single mom has been busy creating a mini empire. she's the face of bobbi brown cosmetics and hair care which she owns. >> takes on a different meaning because i feel like why do we have to keep fighting like we're not going to look like we're 25 when we're not. >> reporter: while it's no secret holmes has been blessed w
crawford. diana perez, you got, boy this is late for you. we see you on the overnights. >> that's right, it's been a long day. i'm happy to be here. i always love sitting with you guys. oprah hand picks the guests she chooses to come on to her master class on her own network. we have seen from jay-z, and our own die ran sawyer. this time, cindy's turn. she's lived most of her life in front of a lens. now, like we have never seen her before. baring not her body, her soul. >> a sound of everyone crying at once. a sound i will never >> reporter: she faced her fears on sunday. opening up about the loss of her brother to leukemia when she was 10. >> i see my brother as the force, the power, that helped beast me off in my life and on my journey. >> reporter: she also confessed that her trademark beauty has been a blessing and a curse. >> i felt judged by the way that i looked. think it set me on a course to represent myself as someone who has a brain. >> cindy! >> reporter: she talked about her real-life role as richard gere's pretty woman and how their marriage ended in divorce. >> at 22, as a y
'm diana perez. >>> the u.s. is learning valuable information from osama bin laden's son-in-law about al qaeda. >> sulaiman abu ghaith was moved to new york last week. tahman bradley has the latest. >> reporter: john and diana, good morning. u.s. officials call this man a key player. comparable to a consigliere in a mob family. he's off the battlefield and will face justice. another senior al qaeda terrorist has been nabbed. osama bin laden's son-in-law is in u.s. custody and will appear before a federal magistrate in new york later today. sulaiman abu ghaith faces charges including conspiracy to kill u.s. citizens. he held the key position of al qaeda spokesman. in this video, he celebrates the 9/11 attacks on the u.s. according to u.s. officials, the cia has been tracking abu ghaith for years. as he moved from afghanistan to iran and then in january, into turkey, where he was arrested. >> once he left iranian territory and got into turkey, with close monitoring by u.s. government agencies, he was --
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